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It can be hard for independent filmmakers to get their foot in the door or to get an audience for low-budget movies from directors who are unknown. That doesn't say anything about the quality of these films, but it just means that they need support from inside the industry. Getting the attention of someone with influence in the industry can be hard but not impossible, and that is why we are here.

Getting discovered by influential Hollywood producers. 

There are many ways filmmakers can try to get their film in front of producers who will take their work to the next level. They can pitch directly to producers and distributors, gather an audience online, screen their work at local movie screenings, take part in film festivals, and so on. The exposure independent filmmakers can get from these methods is considerable. However, their chances of getting discovered by influential Hollywood producers can be challenging. This is where Producer's Night comes into play.

What is Producer's Night? 

Producer's Night is an opportunity for independent filmmakers to have their work screened for film industry professionals at the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute in West Hollywood, California. Influential producers, distributors, directors, and actors will be among the group of attendees at this private invite-only event. Producer's Night takes pride in its astute selection process. It is known for discovering hidden gems that later go on to successfully thrive at A-list festivals, with some films even catching the eye of the Academy Awards®.


Backed by 20+ American and international film festivals.

The works screened that night will be selected in association with 20+ American and International partner film festivals. Pieces will include Short Films, Trailers, and Excerpts from Feature Length films. Each clip will receive an introduction by the Host of Ceremonies as well as being listed in the program with the filmmaker’s contact information. This exposure can lead to new relationships and possible partnerships between the independent filmmakers and individuals who work in the mainstream film industry.

Emerging talent and unique voices.

As elusive and inaccessible as Hollywood green-lighters seem to be, they really do need to continually find new content and new creators. We offer Producer’s Night as an opportunity for industry professionals to get a sneak peek at emerging talent and unique voices in a relaxed atmosphere. The work of the directors, screenwriters, cinematographers, editors, designers, and actors from the selected pieces will all be on display that evening. Getting the work looked at is the main objective of this event.


Producer's Night 'Film of the Year' was picked up for an Academy Award® nomination.

Hosted by Dina Morrone, Producer's Night had its inaugural event in 2021. ‘Ala Kachuu’ by Maria Brendle was voted ‘Film of the Year’ by the attendees of the first Producer’s Night. Weeks later, the filmmakers were notified of an official Academy Award® nomination for best film within their category. Hosted by Rachel Bailit, in 2022 the award went to 'Ousmane' by Jorge Camarotti. The delicate Canadian short film was described by the Academy Award® Nominee Fernando Meirelles as 'A beautiful essay treated with elegance and sensibility”. As of 2023, the official selection expands to more carefully curated programs with narrative, experimental and documentary films. Next to the 'Film of the Year' award, Producer's Night will also award films within their specific genre, opening up more exposure for the filmmakers.

One night, dozens of films.

Having influential producers in the room watching your work isn't obvious. Time is precious and even if the selection is the result of a year-long search for the best in independent cinema, it's a challenge to keep these professionals seated. The reason why we can capture their attention is the direct result of a well-balanced program including short work and trailers or excerpts of longer work, keeping the duration of the screening within the limits of the time they're willing to spend scouting for new talent. To further assist their convenience, we arrange for secured online screeners making it possible to watch the full duration of the selected films within the comfortable environment of their own workspace.

How to participate in Producer's Night?

Producers attending this event expect the best of rising talent. The selection committee will pick the films based on talent, no matter the genre, length, budget, and appeal. This way, every filmmaker has a chance to get valuable exposure.

Submit your work.

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