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Official Selection 2023 'Off On Selection'


Streaming on December 9-10, 2023. Link will become available.

Safe As Houses (Ireland) by MiaI Mullarkey

In a Dublin council estate on a hot summer's day, Aggie finds a distressed little girl crying in her front garden. Aggie, a woman with Down syndrome, has always been kind to the neglected young Lucy, and invites her in for games and sweets. But Aggie’s offer of a safe harbour appears alarming to the neighbours, and the situation spirals out of control. Running time: 00:15:50.


Easy Tiger (Belgium) by Karel Tuytschaever

Synopsis: An unexpected moment in a session with a client confronts a psychologist with his own inner world. Alienated by the isolation of his seemingly perfect city life, the psychologist encounters an extreme inability to understand and embrace his own human nature. His inescapable desires for his male client force the psychologist to look at who he does not want to be. It is the only way that he can find out who he really is. An intimate portrait of a vulnerable man during a true and insurmountable romance.

Running time: 01:00:00.


Arcadia (Poland) by Małgorzata Paszko

Synopsis: A documentary impression about the destructive human, impact on nature, created with black and white images. There is only one sentence in the entire film: "Watch out".
Running time: 00:08:33.


Pentaclub [The Club of Five] (Italy) by Roberto Strazzarino

The year is 1968. Five teenage boys dream of running a movie theater in which they will not show pro-war films. One summer afternoon Giò, Delfo, Max, Ricky and Paolo learn to become trusted friends, indispensable to one another. A coming-of-age, adventure film about friendship, one with small but large rebellious acts that signal the end of childhood and the beginning of adulthood.

Running Time: 00:19:59


Holestepper (Peru) by Sergio Fernández Muñoz

Synopsis: Angel (Oswaldo Salas), an enthusiastic high school teacher, discovers a website where his students make fun of him and his disability through some strange videos. Mixing reality and the adolescent digital universe, Angel will be involved in a world hitherto unknown.

Running time: 00:17:26.


Trace Of A Butterfly (China) by Xu Ran

Synopsis: Life is always as light as a butterfly dance. Meeting, separating, birth and death, it all seem to be just the gentle flapping of the wings. But even if the life is light and fleeting like this, is it really impossible to leave any traces? Running time: 00:10:40.

The dead track .jpeg

The Dead Track (Italy) by Antonio Maciocco

Synopsis: Having lost his job, Tommaso returns to Sardinia. Desperate, he decides to put an end to it all by lying on the railroad tracks. However, it is a dead track, yet another line suppressed. The lonely and disconsolate boy meets Franco, a singular character who lives in an abandoned station. The man has a peculiar goal: to put the ancient family vineyard back on its feet, to go back in time and savour the wine of his childhood, a wine produced since the Nuragic era. Tommaso, initially hesitant, helps Franco out with his venture. Thanks to this meeting, the boy will learn to face life with more imagination and lightness.

Running time: 00:23:55.


Charming Habits (Lithuania) by Paulius Aničas

Synopsis: Poet at work: daydreams, nightmares and writings.

Running time: 00:20:00.


Aygol (Germany) by Dimitris Argyriou

Synopsis: Aygol is a young girl who is afraid to accept her sexual identity, because it is forbidden in her country and she wants to spend time with her grandmother.

Running time: 00:08:00.

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